Our face spa treatments

A blend of performance and pleasure to the senses in personalized spa treatments, adapted to each skin type. On the menu: a range of sensations for skin, and visible beauty efficiency from the first treatment.. 

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Freshness Purifying Beauty Treatment 1H

Floral Purity

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Blossom of freshness for a
perfectly clean skin

The power of the Pure Radiance Mask and the Purifying Concentrate with flowers to kiss goodbye to blemishes and a dull complexion. The skin is purified and rebalanced. It regains a bright and glowing complexion.

Replenishing Soothing Beauty Treatment   1H

Floral Softness

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Moment of complete richness for sensitive skin  

A delicate floral combination united in an extremely gentle concentrate and a mask with a very creamy texture that calms sensitive and reactive skin. Redness fade, the skin is soothed and regains comfort.

Wrinkle Smoothing Beauty Treatment   1H

Bouquet of Youth

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All the anti-wrinkle performance of the Everlasting Flower

Thanks to its Intense Exfoliation Scrub and its Lifting Mask with Everlasting Flower, expression lines fade and the face regains a glowing complexion. Its hot stone massage provides a real moment of relaxation.

Translucency Facial Beauty Treatment  1H

Brightening Peel

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Light on Stargazer Lily for a dazzling skin

Thanks to the action of Star Lily, this ultra-comprehensive treatment for the face, décolleté and hands reveals wonderfully radiant skin. It is perfect for dull, uneven complexions and skin with dark spots.

Radiance Moisturizing Beauty Treatment  1H

1001 Flowers

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A walk in an exotic garden for a skin drenched in moisture

The face is deliciously massaged with a fondant honey with Thousand Flowers Monoï, then the skin is infused with moisture thanks to an ultra-gentle rich mask.

Youth Plumping Beauty Treatment   1H


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The power of Floral Bouquets to revive youthful looking skin

The intense power of the Floral Bouquets blends with an ultra-relaxing massage for an incomparable plumping result. The face regains the freshness of its youth in one treatment.

Our body spa treatments

An original and immersive experience that leads to absolute well-being. Intense relaxation, melting textures and delicious fragrances are there to put your mind at rest for a treatment.. 

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Delightful Body Ritual

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Exfoliation and soft massage with poppy

This treatment begins with a mist of flowers that gently exfoliates the skin. An ultra-nourishing mask-in-oil is then applied over the driest areas before being massaged on the entire body. The result: an incomparable comfort and a deliciously silky skin.


Passion Flower

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60 minutes to Nirvana.

A delightful integrative body massage to achieve ultimate spiritual and physical relaxation. The products feature all the active and sensorial benefits of exotic flowers. The massage is intensely liberating.



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A personalized sensory journey for completely letting-go

In a cloud of personalized essences, expert hands stimulate the energy centers to relieve tension. A true passport to well-being, this comprehensive Ayurveda-inspired massage recharges the body with energy.


Sultan's Veil

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Blissful escape to the land of the Arabian Nights

This beautifying treatment, infused with sensuality, wraps the skin with wonderful softness. It features traditional Moroccan ingredients blended with bewitching jasmine and white flowers.