Delightful Body Exfoliating Mist

This light and deliciously scented mist is the new exfoliating application for a fast, fresh, gentle and without rinsing body exfoliation.

Day after day, the skin is visibly more beautiful : softer, smoother and better moisturized.

Clinical results

The skin is 4 times better exfoliated*.

Refreshing effect upon application 100%**
After 1 hour: +40% hydration***

*In-vivo test.

**Satisfaction test on 23 volunteers, after 28 days of daily use.

***Instrumental test on 11 volunteers, after a single application.

Touch and feel experience

A lightweight transparent water, like a mist of flowers that comes into contact with the skin for an instant sensation of freshness and softness.

A bright, warm floral scent that opens with sparkling notes of citrus fruit, intensified by a middle note accord of orange blossom and red berries.


Natural enzymeseliminate dead cells for an ultra-soft skin

Poppyultra-moisturizing power, improves water storage in the skin

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This treatment begins with a mist of flowers that gently exfoliates the skin. An ultra-nourishing mask-in-oil is then applied over the driest areas before being massaged on the entire body.
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