Creamy Moisturizing Mask

A fresh, creamy texture to moisturize and nourish the skin. Fully replenished, skin regains its softness, suppleness and comfort. A real moisturizing bath for the skin.

Clinical results


After 2 hours: +41,7% hydration

After 4 hours: +38,5% hydration

After 8 hours: +41,4% hydration

*Measurement with a Corneometer® of skin hydration levels on 12 volunteers after a single application.

Touch and feel experience

Smooth and soft creamy texture, especially designed to be leaved on the skin and gently massaged.

A fresh and feminine floral blooming, like a bouquet of freshly picked Freesias.


Plumping Floral Bouquet:

Orchid Moisturizing, softening

Mourera Regulates hydration

White Lily Emollient, moisturizing and regenerating

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A walk in an exotic garden for a skin drenched in moisture

The face is deliciously massaged with a fondant honey with Thousand Flowers Monoï, then the skin is infused with moisture thanks to an ultra-gentle rich mask.