Cultivation of flowers

For certain sensitive or protected flowers, Fleur's research team has developed very advanced methods of hydroponic cultivation to create its own natural resource, which is completely pure and protected from pollution and climate risk.

These innovative hydroponic growing techniques are part of a more comprehensive sustainable development approach. Fleur’s indeed gives priority to environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and attaches particular importance to the recycling of waste water through filtering gardens.

Green extraction
of floral active ingredients

The many natural substances in the flowers give them significant cosmetic effectiveness when they are transformed into extracts. Fleur’s scientific team uses the most advanced techniques in order to preserve the integrity of the active ingredients and minimize environmental impact.

Efficacy test
on skin cells

An applied research unit tests the effectiveness of the identified active ingredients in vitro on skin cells before incorporating them into the cosmetic formulas.


Visualization of the increase in cell division (+ 47%) following the implementation of Lifting Floral Bouquet on skin cells.

Clinical scoring

The volunteers selected by the analytical laboratory assess a specific parameter before and after application of the product by giving it a score from 0-10.


FLORASKIN Youth Plumping Cream
Springiness of the skin: the score
increased by an average of 51%

Satisfaction test

Each volunteer surveyed answers a thirty-point questionnaire.
The accumulated answers of all volunteers give a percentage of satisfaction.


CC CRÈME Perfect Skin Solution SPF 20
> Skin is enhanced from the 1st application: 91% of volunteers are satisfied

In-vivo Measurement

A clinician measures a skin parameter before and after application of the product, or before and after a salon treatment, using a specific instrument.


FLORASKIN Youth Plumping Treatment
On volunteer number 4, a decrease in skin roughness was observed after one treatment.